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Programme ( 2 jours )

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    Marrakesh - Tahanaout - Asni - Agafay desert

    On the road from Marrakesh to Tahanaout, the gateway to the picturesque nature, our driver will take you through the olive and orange groves, you will be on a date with the beauty of the Al Haouz region through a break in the Asni region where the almond and olive trees, wonderful nature and freshwater valleys between the arms of the majestic Atlas Mountains.

    40 kilometers from Marrakesh, our driver will take you to a hidden area, unlike what you saw in Tahanaout, a rocky desert area called Agafay desert where calm and serenity, when you reach the area, you will have a meal from Moroccan cuisine with family and friends in a quiet and beautiful resort in the middle of the oasis where the water and the picturesque landscapes .

    You can take a camel ride or on a quad bike to see the beauty of the desert, go on an adventure, and enjoy the sunset in a breathtaking sight. In the evening, our employees at Agafay camp will greet you with friendliness and welcome, as is customary from the authentic Moroccan hospitality, and invite you to have a traditional dinner with family and friends in the cold night climate of Agafay desert, an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the desert at night that calls for rest and contemplation.

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    Agafay desert - the High Atlas Mountains – Marrakech

    Wake up the next day to the sun in the Agafay desert, enjoy a traditional breakfast in front of the scenery of the High Atlas Mountains decorated with wreaths, and also a photo opportunity with friends and family.

    At half past ten, you will be taking the road to Marrakech through stunning landscapes, feel free to ask our nice driver to stop to take pictures on the road.

Larache est connue pour son riche patrimoine historique et sa belle situation géographique. La ville possède une longue histoire remontant à l'époque des Phéniciens et a été influencée par différentes civilisations, notamment les Romains et les Arabes.

Le centre-ville de Larache est caractérisé par ses rues étroites, ses places animées et son ambiance authentique. La médina de Larache offre un aperçu de l'architecture traditionnelle marocaine, avec ses maisons blanches et ses portes colorées.

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